A Sweet Start

Everyone has their own traditions for the first day of school. We keep it relatively simple but I try to make it a slightly special day. When you homeschool there isn’t a lot of difference between days at school and days not doing school. A little, but not a lot. So I try and make the first day back a little more of something special. We take a picture of the kids every year holding up signs with their grade. Ruth made her own sign this year and wanted in on the picture.
The pictures are for me but the donuts are for them. I let them choose what they want for breakfast. One year it was pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Last year it was banana splits. Every other year it has been donuts.

Keeping with the sweet theme, mid-morning we took a snack break and had a “poopy party”. What’s that, you say? A while ago I bought special plates and napkins and told Ruth that we could have a party when she was using the potty and not needing diapers anymore. Many months later, we are finally there. I’m sure that there will still be accidents but she finished all the stickers on her sticker chart and she requested as her prize the party with CAKE. She was very specific that it be CAKE “like a birthday cake” and not cupcakes. We decorated it with sprinkles and sang a version of Happy Birthday (Happy Poopy Day to you. Oh yes, we did.) She then requested that we sing Happy Birthday so we did that too. Her real birthday is less than two weeks away so maybe she just thought it would be good to practice.

Part of our back to school tradition has been to do something fun in the afternoon as a family. One year is was ice-skating, other years it has been swimming. This year we decided to go to an indoor trampoline place that we had heard of. All three kids LOVED it. We finished the day with a Labor Day dinner with family, including a berry cobbler and ice cream to celebrate our niece’s 23rd birthday. (Just in case there wasn’t enough sugar earlier in the day.)

So that’s the first day of school, in a nutshell. Wait? What? Oh, yes, we also did some work. Phonics. Math review. Geography.  Piano. Logic. And even the dreaded spelling. As you can imagine, we also read some books, some of which I’ll post about another day.

3 thoughts on “A Sweet Start

  1. Sounds like a great day. Let’s just say, ” Happy Poopy Day to you”…..my new favorite saying! Nothing says happy poopy day better than cake (chocolate of course) and Dora plates! You are creating wonderful memories for your children!

  2. Very cool!
    I don’t have children yet, but I fully plan to homeschool them. I’ll have to remember this for when the time comes.
    I love Ruth’s requests. So funny.
    Indoor trampoline place?! WINNN! I have a rebounder at home that has been neglected because it’s in the spare room. This post reminded me that it exists. I think I’ll be jumping tonight. 🙂

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