August Reading

*The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger
Examination of a marriage between a Bengali woman and American man who meet through an online dating service. While reading it I found this novel entertaining and engaging for the most part. But when I looked back to write this post I realized I have forgotten the ending and only have vague memories of the book itself. It was fine while I was reading but I don’t think there was enough substance to make much of an impact. 

*Catching Fire and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
I fully enjoyed this series (and the Hunger Games movie watched last night). However, I liked the first book in the series a great deal more than the others and the ending left me disappointed. Not so much at how it ended but just at the abruptness of the ending. I felt a bit cheated. 

*A Study in Scarlet edited by Laurie King and Les Klinger
I am a lover of mysteries but only a moderate Sherlock Holmes fan. That said, I really enjoyed this collection of short stories by modern day mystery authors “inspired” by the Holmes canon. Some are very direct modernizations of an original Holmes story. Some are only tangentially related to the original. I loved the variety and seeing what the different authors did with the concept. Reading the Amazon reviews, it is clear that if you are a Holmes purist you will likely not enjoy this book. But if you are like me and think Holmes is ok and also really like the Mary Russell books by Laurie King and the modern BBC Sherlock series, you will likely think this one is great fun and a good read. 

Wow, embarrassingly, that’s it for August. I feel like there was one more I read but I can’t remember it now and I didn’t write it down. I am almost finished with Bring Up the Bones, the second in Hilary Mantel’s series about Thomas Cromwell. I am enjoying this one as much as the first and finding it much less difficult this time around.

With the boys I am still reading The Hobbit, which we are all enjoying. David and I also started Mousenet by Prudence Breitrose while John was at sleep away camp and John and I are reading The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict as his special bedtime book. It’s a bit much to juggle at night so we’re going slowly through all three but so far it’s working ok. Theoretically we are also reading Farmer Boy at lunch. Yes, still. However,  August didn’t afford much time for lunchtime reading. I hope to get back into that routine on Monday when school starts and finish off Farmer Boy quickly.  I like it a lot but it feels like we’ve been reading it forever.

I’m also still listening to the Harry Potter books in the car. I just started Book 5 and it’s still loads of fun to listen to. Jim Dale is awesome.


3 thoughts on “August Reading

  1. Jim Dale IS awesome. My boys and I are listening too. I like your description of a book being good while you read it but leaving no lasting impression. That happens to me a lot.

  2. I feel better about my August list after seeing the brevity of yours. August is just a busy month, isn’t it? Here’s to a regular schedule and more reading time!

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