Well, hello there.





August is almost over (in case you haven’t noticed). We’ve had a busy but good end to the summer. The boys and I went to Cub Scout camp where I slept in a tent for the third time in my life. It was wet and hot and slightly miserable on one hand. On the other hand I don’t think I’ll ever forget the memory of snuggling with them late at night reading The Hobbit and listening to the rain dripping on the tent. John attended a sleepaway camp for a week; his longest time away from home alone. We took a family trip to Pittsburgh for a weekend (on the way to dropping John at camp). We’ve had a French exchange student staying with us for about 10 days and we’ve taken her on a few local adventures: indoor rock climbing, mini golf, some DC museums. We’ve discovered a small creek very close to our house that the kids love biking to. It’s a little bit of the wild in suburbia. What else? Some piano, baseball camp for John, a lot of bike riding, a few sleepovers. Reading of course.

Our school year officially starts next week. I’m ready mentally even if I’ve still got a bit of prep to do. I’ve mentioned a time or two before on this blog that I like new beginnings. I’ve always enjoyed the start of a new school year. This past week I’ve been getting emails from all our various activities with the fall schedules and policies and new procedures. I’ve updated the calendar and signed up for some new things. I have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing for school with just some last minute details to figure out. I feel less worried about the planning this year than others. I think I’m more confident this year, or maybe just more realistic.

It was a good summer and I think it will be a good year ahead.


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