Read Aloud Thursday: From the New Shelf

In the summer, we read less intentionally and more serendipitously. I’ve gotten so I always check out the new shelf at the library first to see what I can find. In this new book by author/illustrator Jill McElmurry, Mario is a squirrel with some awesome moves. His parents ooh and aah over him but his friend Isabelle points out that anyone can make a move. At first, Mario is distraught over his lack of specialness but in the end he and Isabelle decide to be awesome together. The plot summary doesn’t really do justice to the sweetness of these squirrels and the funny quirky drawings (including diagrams of the “moves”).  We all liked this one.

Homer is a quiet cat who lives with a quiet lady. One day he runs away from home after being scared by a loud noise. He searches for somewhere nice and quiet to rest but everywhere is just too noisy. Finally he makes his way to the library, where he is happily surprised to find his quiet lady reading to the children at story hour. Reeve Lindbergh’s rhyming text is bouncy without being too sing-songy and the accompanying illustrations are bright and cheerful.

Otto is a book bear who loves nothing more than when someone reads his book. But one day his book is put in a box to be thrown away. Otto leaves in search of a new home. It’s a big world though for a small book bear. Finally, Otto finds a  magical place full of books (yes, it’s the library). Much to his surprise he discovers that it’s also full of other book creatures like him. The idea of all the characters from books coming alive and exploring the library is brought to life in a wonderful way in the charming illustrations.

Written for toddlers, this is a beautiful and sweet introduction to ballet. Using Bea, who loves to dance, a basic ballet vocabulary is introduced. The author, Rachel Isadora was a professional dancer and is the author of many books about dance and a Caldecott Honor winner for the book Ben’s Trumpet. You can see her absolutely gorgeous paintings of dancers at her website.

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