Read Aloud Thursday: Feisty Girls

I have a feisty girl. This week we enjoyed meeting some other feisty girls. First, our favorite, Betty Bunny. This was the first time we had met Betty, although we are definitely going to have to look for her first book. Betty’s Mom takes her to the store and offers to buy her one toy. Betty, however, wants everything.

“Betty Bunny,” her mother tried again, “maybe you don’t understand. You can’t have all these toys.
“Maybe YOU don’t understand,” Betty Bunny said. “I want all these toys.”

Does that not perfectly sum up the toddler/young preschooler mind? Betty Bunny’s brothers and sister try to talk sense into her also but in the end her Mom picks her up and carries her out of the store with no toys. Betty Bunny does not like this development as you can imagine. When her Daddy gets home she very clearly explains the problem.

And she explained all about how she had picked out a few very nice toys at the toy store, and her mean, horrible, YUCKY mommy wouldn’t let her have them.

Betty Bunny watched as her father walked over and talked to her mother. Betty Bunny hoped that her father was saying: “Stop being so mean and horrible and yucky and give my little bunny all the toys she wants.”

I am pretty sure my little feisty girl thinks almost those exact words every time her father comes home. For people who like to see kids learn a lesson in stories, this might not be the one for you. Betty’s mean yucky Mommy and Daddy come up with a good plan but I can’t say Betty really learns the lesson. For me, I fell in love with the naughty but oh, so endearing Betty. (Maybe more than a little bit because she reminded me so much of my own little bunny.)

My Ruth is actually less bunny and more tiger. She enjoys playing tiger these days and frequently demands that I be “Mommy Tiger” and roars at me and her brothers. Petunia also has decided she would prefer to be a tiger, or some kind of wild animal. Being a human is too clean, too clothed, too “hafta”. She begins to mail herself to Africa but reconsiders when she hears her mother softly singing in the kitchen. Tigers don’t sing, right?

Prudence is perhaps more persistent than feisty, sort of a slightly older Betty or Petunia. What she wants more than anything is a pet but her parents say NO! over and over again. So she just decides to make her own pet. First is a branch. Then a twig. Then her baby brother Milo (who she tries to feed grass). Her parents finally see how important this is to her after a disappointing trial of Sea Buddies and there is a happy ending for Prudence.

 For more books to read with your feisty girls (and boys) stop by Read Aloud Thursday at Hope is the Word.

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