Read Aloud Thursday: Something for Everyone

A whole book about a single color? I promise you that you’ll never think of green the same way after this book. Green isn’t a single color. It’s jungle green and sea green and aquamarine green and the green of a pine tree.  Seeger takes the simplest of concepts and runs with it. Using a combination of die-cuts and luscious thickly painted illustrations, each page explores all the many faces of green, including “no green”.

I think of myself as a story person. I like plot and character, even in a picture book. But more and more I find myself appreciating these kinds of “concept” books. This one is really visually stunning. David has always had an artistic bent and he really enjoyed reading and looking at this one together.

Have you ever heard of Roy Riegels? My guess is that if you aren’t a football fan you haven’t. Dan Gutman brings his story to life in this entertaining and inspiring book with appealing comic-strip style illlustrations by Kerry Talbott. Riegels was a star player for the University of California but is best known for his wrong-way run in the 1929 Rose Bowl. He recovered a fumble and went on to run for 69 yards in the wrong direction, finally being stopped at the 3 yard line by his team’s quarterback.

So you can imagine why this story would be entertaining and Gutman makes it funny as we see it told by a grandfather to his grandson. What about the inspiring part? Riegels was apparently devastated by his mistake (and you can imagine quite embarrassed). However, due to the support of his coach he returned to play in the second half and had a stellar second half. His team still lost the Rose Bowl but he went on to return as team captain the following year, served in the Air Force during WWII, coached high school and college football and eventually ran his own company. It’s a great story of how what you respond to a mistake matters more than the mistake itself.

Ruth and I both love this book. Samantha finds some skates but Mommy is too busy to teach her how to use them right now. Samantha tries them on anyway because “Mommy won’t mind” and then she decides to go outside because “Mommy won’t mind”. A big hill leads to a madcap adventure through town involving a butterfly net, a baseball bat, a kite, a parade and a bride and her wedding veil. Mommy is delightfully oblivious to Samantha whizzing by the window. The sweetly rhyming text made it extra fun to read.

Stop by Hope is the Word for more Read Aloud Thursday. If you aren’t reading (and linking) to Read Aloud Thursday, you should. I get tons of great suggestions for books to read there. It’s one of my favorite resources.

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