Read-Aloud Thursday: Won’t You Sing With Me?

I’m not a huge fan of ABC books. They serve a purpose but they often aren’t the most enjoyable to read. Recently however, we read three ABC books in a row that all struck me as being more fun than usual. The first was this one by Giles Andreae. It’s fairly typical in that each letter has an accompanying phrase “A is for apple that grows on the tree”. However, the text has a nice rollicking rhyme to it and the choices for each letter are sometimes surprising and funny. The real treat are the illustrations by Guy Parker-Rees that are detailed and include multiple other creatures and items for the same letter (to go with apple you have aardvark, ants, armadillo, anteater, antelope, and acorns). David, Ruth and I had a fun time together hunting for all the items on each page.

This favorite of ours is a less traditional ABC book because it tells a story as it works its way through the alphabet. Max’s ants  escape from his ant farm on the first page. With Ruby’s help (of course) he tries to figure out how to fix the ensuing mess. From the jelly (J) on toast that Ruby leaves in a trail for the ants to the purple and pink color the ants turn after eating purple and pink bath salts (P) this is a silly ABC book. We like silly.

We’re acrobats, artists, and astronauts in space.
We’re builders, bathers, and bikers in a race.
We’re climbers, campers, and he’s a circus clown.
We’re dancers — ‘Can you dig it?’ and drivers round town.

That’s the peas speaking. I really enjoyed this book, mostly for the incredibly detailed (and funny) illustrations. It was small details, like the Elvis pea for King, that made this book extra-ordinary. Our favorite page of peas? The readers, of course.

I’m late with this post, but check out Read Aloud Thursday at Hope is the Word anyway. Lots of good summer reading going on!

One thought on “Read-Aloud Thursday: Won’t You Sing With Me?

  1. I don’t usually enjoy ABC books, either, but these all look good! Thanks for highlighting them, especially since I have a little one to share such books with again. 🙂

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