Read-Aloud Thursday: A Pea, A Blueberry and a Banana

This new book by Ann Bonwill has somewhat of the same feel of It’s a Book or I Want My Hat Back or one of the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems. I”m not entirely sure why, I think it’s that the text is mostly dialogue between the two characters, Hugo a hippo and Bella his bird. (Or is that Bella and her hippo Hugo? ) I’d say it reads as a slightly sweeter but watered down copy of the others. Hugo and Bella are trying to decide on costumes for the annual Hippo-Bird (or Bird-Hippo) party. But Bella doesn’t want to be the pea to Hugo’s princess. And Hugo doesn’t want to be the rock for Bella’s mermaid. The end is no less sweet for it’s predictability.

Typically, I get a big stack of picture books out of the library. I intend most of them for the 2 yr old and 5 yr old and expect the 8 yr old to listen if he’ around. Often, however, John ends up reading through them on his own. I think a lot of times we think that our kids should “move on” from picture books once they are able to read chapter books well. I’m reminded again and again by watching John’s enjoyment in devouring a stack of picture books how silly it is to think of picture books as simply a stepping stone to something “better”.

I pulled this book by George Shannon off the shelf at random on my last library trip. All the kids liked it, but John found it especially fascinating. Each page makes a statement about a color that at first glance seems wrong (Black is for Poppy with a picture of a red poppy) until you turn the page and see how it’s correct from a different perspective (Look inside the Poppy). It’s a really cool way to look at thinking outside the box.

This was another random pick off the shelves and it’s the winner of the week. Ruth loves this book and has asked to read it over and over again. A little monkey steals a banana and sets off a whole series of mishaps on a city block. At first glance I thought this was a wordless book and it can be read that way. However, H. pointed out to me that the story is actually told through street signs on each page that rhyme (Keep Off the Grass, Underpass, Speed Bump, This Way to the Dump). It’s a really fun book and illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, David Small.

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6 thoughts on “Read-Aloud Thursday: A Pea, A Blueberry and a Banana

  1. You’re so right about the older kids still needing picture books! I think the last two of your picks look especially good!

  2. I “catch” my 8 year old reading through many of the books in the boys’ picture book basket too! I’m also finding that non-fiction picture books can be really engaging for all ages. (We read several about famous aviators in the last couple weeks).

  3. I just requested Once Upon a Banana. I read picture books at work and home. They never get old, and I’m never to old to read them. There is something magical about the way text and illustration come together to form a reading experience.

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