Scenes from the beach

Not pictured:
One epic game of Monopoly
Two trips to our favorite local pizza/ice cream parlor and video arcade
Several games of Settlers of Catan: Seafarers
One seasickness inducing boat ride (and a pod of dolphins seen while on the boat)
Many episodes of Dora the Explorer
Stacks of books and New Yorker magazines read
One 300 piece puzzle completed
A lot of popsicles consumed
Daily bubble baths
A family evening in the outdoor hot tub on a cold windy night
Early morning bike rides with John to get doughnuts and the paper
A game of pirate Putt-Putt
A family bike ride (in a 5 seater buggy style bike)
Two trips to playgrounds
Petting the rays at the aquarium
Ice cream for lunch at Ben and Jerry’s

All in all, a great week. We’re blessed to get to go yearly.

And even more blessed to come home.

2 thoughts on “Scenes from the beach

    • I took the cast off. 🙂 He was able to get it off at three weeks, which is when we were at the beach. I wouldn’t have thought of taking it off myself but a week after the original cast was put on, it “slipped off” in the bathtub so we had to get a second one anyway. At the beach he kept complaining about sand inside the cast. With the help of a lot of soap I was able to get it off.

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