An observation

Back when John was a baby I remember packing the diaper bag to go places: diapers, wipes, extra change of clothes, snacks, pacifier, blanky, burp cloths, extra shirt for me for after he spit up. Etc. And I remember thinking that one day it would be easier, when they were older. Surely we’d be able to just walk out of the house unencumbered.

Ha. My experience is that as the kids have gotten older and bigger, the amount of stuff has increased. Some days I feel that I spend most of my time packing up stuff to go somewhere and then putting it away again when we get home. Baseball bags of stuff: hat, glove, helmet, batting gloves, bat, water bottle, snacks for the team. And then there’s the snacks for the siblings while we wait and the diaper bag filled with diapers and toys to keep the 2 year old busy and the scooters for them to play with at the ball field.

This post has no real point. Just an observation. Perhaps related to the fact that I’m spending the day packing for a trip to the beach for me and the kids. (H. stays home to work.) We have a lot of stuff.

3 thoughts on “An observation

  1. I’d never thought of this, but you’re exactly right. I can hardly see the floor of my car sometimes, between the dance bags, lacrosse gear, preschool tote bag, and other things. At least we can make the kids help carry by now, though! Incidentally, I drove past your house this afternoon and waved. 🙂

  2. I remember when my girls were younger that I thought my entire life could be described or summed up by all the different bags I packed and carried: Bible study, library, church, etc., plus the ubiquitous diaper bag. I think it has gotten some better in that they can carry their own bags now. I have forgotten the DLM’s diaper bag a few times when he was a newborn because I was so out of practice.

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