Baseball and Butterflies

Baseball is here and it’s busy. Both boys are on teams which makes for a busy schedule. The balance of outside activities is an ongoing struggle of sorts. I think at times we do too much, and we may need to do less in the future. At the same time, John recently told me that the best day was a day “that is really busy”. I told him that I thought he liked days where we just stayed home and read and he said he liked that too. For now, I’m grateful homeschooling allows us to have both kinds of days.

And what does a two year old sister do during all that baseball? Well, luckily Ruth is an extrovert who likes being out and about. I’ve also told the boys that they are definitely going to years of dance recitals. Or her baseball games. Whatever it is, they will be there cheering her on. And hopefully keeping their pants on.

We ended the week with a field trip to the National Museum of Natural History. This was mostly to go to the butterfly pavilion, which was very very cool. Unfortunately none of my pictures turned out well. Perhaps because I was using my iPod and trying to take pictures while simultaneously trying to ensure that Ruth didn’t touch any of the butterflies. At the museum we also got to see an exhibit on Titanoboa which was fascinating. We had just read an article on this recently discovered gigantic snake (2500 pounds and 48 feet long) and were anxious to learn more. And the kids enjoyed playing on the weird 1960’s era plastic seating thing in the hall of bones that all kids are attracted to like a magnet. It was actually fairly difficult to snap a photo with only my three on it.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we were able to have a picnic on the Mall, accompanied by books, of course. I think my favorite homeschooling moment of the week happened during our picnic. David, as usual, was more interested in feeding the birds than eating his lunch. As he fed them, we began discussing what kinds of birds we were seeing. I realized that at the beginning of the year none of us would have had any idea. I would have said “sparrow” for pretty much anything that wasn’t a robin, blue jay, cardinal or crow.

As I thought about how much we’ve learned about birds this year, I thought of all the other things we’ve learned. Field trips we’ve gone on. Books we’ve read. I fall way too often into the trap of feeling like “we didn’t get enough done” on a particular day or week or month. I always feel like I haven’t lived up to my own expectations. But when I look back over the year I realize how far we’ve come, and it makes me realize that we’re doing just fine.

4 thoughts on “Baseball and Butterflies

  1. Amen to the bird i.d. I’ve learned a lot just through my own curiosity, and my girls are learning because of my interest. And yes, I LOVE this post. Yes, we’re all doing just fine. 🙂

  2. After playing the math game with John, listening to David play Ode to Joy on the piano, and watching Ruth jumping happily on the bed, I would definitely say that you are doing just fine.

    • The butterfly pavilion is very cool. It does cost a little bit and it’s best to buy your tickets in advance, as it’s often crowded. Tuesdays are free but first-come first-serve for tickets. The National Zoo also has an indoor butterfly garden. It’s also nice (and free) but I think with less butterflies.

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