Scenes from a field trip to the Archives

The field trip was primarily to the National Archives, but they don’t allow photos. I wasn’t sure how my kids would do at the Archives, they are young and looking at old documents is not the most exciting thing in the world at that age. However, they had a really good time, especially John. We’ve been studying American History these past few months so he had a good understanding of the significance of The Constitution and Declaration of Independence. An unexpected highlight were the murals in the rotunda where the “big three” documents are displayed. The murals are fictional scenes of the the presentation of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. John really got into looking at them and finding all the familiar individuals we’ve read about. We also all enjoyed the current special exhibit on Benjamin Franklin. All in all, the trip was a fantastic review of our history studies the past few months. Proudest homeschooling moment? When John saw the Magna Carta and was able to tell me the significance of it. He’s actually learned something ! And remembered it from last year!

We were able to see a few other things downtown. The Navy Memorial, which is one of my favorites, a little of the National Gallery of Art and the National Sculpture Garden. It was a fun day, if a little tiring. One of my top tips for travel or field trips with little ones is to make sure to include some outdoor “free range” time and to make use of frequent snacks. The Sculpture Garden provided us with both. Lemonade and a chance for Ruth to dance around in the grass as she serenaded us with songs from Dora (Say Backpack! Louder! Good job!)

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