Commenting Issues

WordPress recently changed the way comments are done. It’s confusing to me why they changed it or exactly what all the issues are. I do know at least one regular reader of my blog has had trouble commenting. I also know that it’s a hot issue on the WordPress forums. My hope is that they fix the problem soon, as many people are very angry. However, in the meantime if you have been having trouble commenting on this blog (or any other WordPress blog) I believe you should be able to comment if you do not enter your email address when asked. The issue has to do with email addresses that may have been tied to a WordPress account or Gravatar account at any time in the past, the commenting form will now no longer allow those emails to comment unless logged in.

Confused? Me too. Bottom line, if you’d like to comment but have not been able to, please try commenting without entering any email. And it that doesn’t work, please do come back and try again. I’m still hopeful that WordPress will see the error of their ways and all will go back to the way it was.

And as always, thanks to all those who read, whether or not you comment.

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