Read Aloud Thursday: From the new books shelf

For today, three books off the new book shelf at my library. First, this cute book by Michael Foreman follows a little monkey boy as he takes his grandmother’s umbrella to her house. Along the way he has all sorts of adventures as things fortunate and unfortunate happen to him. Unfortunately he falls off a cliff, Fortunately the umbrella acts as a parachute. Unfortunately he is swallowed by a whale, fortunately there is a pirate shipwreck inside the whale. There are pirates and treasure and aliens and dinosaurs and treasure. The repeated refrain of Fortunately, Unfortunately is good for preschoolers and younger kids and the humor of all the different adventures kept my oldest interested. The illustrations are somewhat spare but tell the story well. All in all, one we all enjoyed.

This is almost another wordless picture book. At the beginning there a few lines about Izzy, a mountain girl who is going to the ocean for the first time. Then each page has a different ocean related theme with the words Wow! and whatever the theme is (Wow! Jellyfish, Wow! Sharks, Wow! Deep). The illustrations are brilliantly colored.  It’s a book that is great for a preschooler, and Ruth loved it. Each illustration also shows in small lettering what the individual items are (so on the shark page you see labeled  a whale shark, a goblin shark, and a nurse shark (with a nurse hat) among others). The extra labeling made it a little more interesting for David’s age and also for me on repeat readings. I think there are a few other Wow! books by the same author. We may have to check those out sometime.

By far, the best find of the week was this sweet debut book by Katie Kirk. Eli is a good dog. But sometimes he is bad. Each page shows something naughty Eli does and the repeated refrain of “Eli, No!”. At the end of the book, Eli is shown wondering if his owners still love him and the last page has the words “Eli, YES!” The colors are vibrant and modern and the design is very clean and stylish which made this pleasing to look at. However, I think Ruth mostly loved saying “Eli, NO” over and over.  It’s also a great message for a two year old who may be hearing the words “NO” a lot and who may or may not be just a bit naughty (I’m not naming any names here). I think at some level it’s got to be reassuring to hear that even after all those “NOs” that she is still loved. She and I highly recommend this one.

4 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: From the new books shelf

  1. Thanks so much, those all sound fantastic, and we were in need of some new recommendations! My toddler started barking at the dog on the cover of “Eli, No” just from seeing the picture on your post 🙂

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