Happy President’s Day!

If your library is like mine, you have to grab any seasonal or holiday related books weeks in advance or they are all gone. (Since I’m typically one of the people who put them on hold and checked them out in advance I can’t complain about this too much.) We’ve been working our way through early American history the past few months and I’m planning a mini-unit on the presidents in March in preparation for a White House field trip. So I hadn’t really planned on doing anything special for President’s Day. I went to the library on Saturday not really expecting to find any books on Washington, Lincoln or really any other President. You can imagine my surprise when I found this book by Maira Kalman on the new books shelf.

There isn’t a ton of new information in this book but Kalman’s unique illustrations make it feel fresh. She also includes some whimsical details (like that Lincoln loved apples and always had one on his desk) that humanize the great man. She also manages to include the major points of Lincoln’s life but in a book accessible for younger elementary students. All in all, this was a very pleasant surprise for us to enjoy this President’s Day.

It’s tough to write a new book on Lincoln. By most estimates there have been about 16,000 books written about him since his assassination. Ford’s Theatre is opening a new Center for Education and Leadership this month that will have in the lobby  a three story, 34 foot tower representing those books. The sculpture is made of aluminum replicas of books (for fire safety) and includes 6,800 volumes of 200 titles that are a reminder of the vast amount of Lincoln scholarship. I haven’t been yet, but by the photos it’s a pretty amazing sculpture and a book lover’s dream.

Washington Post article about the sculpture

Very cool photos of sculpture being assembled

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