Poetry Friday: Dear Hot Dog


You squat on the table
with your big mouth
full of nothing
but light.
You look up begging,
and I let loose
an avalanche
of crunchy flakes
crashing down
to fill you.
You gurgle happily
as I pour in milk
and introduce
my spoon.
“We’ve met,” you say.
“The spoon and I
have fallen in love,
and after breakfast
we’re running away!”

I continue in my effort to inject poetry into our lives. I thought a great place to start would be the Cybils shortlist.  This selection by Mordicai Gerstein has been a joy all week. The poems are all about ordinary everyday things but with some kind of twist or perspective that makes the ordinary seem extraordinary. They boys really enjoyed taking turns reading the poems outloud and trying to guess what the subject was. (The poem above is an ode to a bowl.)

Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Hey, Jim Hill!

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Dear Hot Dog

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