Deck the halls.

At the beginning of this Advent season I posted about developing family traditions. I shared a little about our Jesse Tree and our Christmas book box. We have been enjoying both of those all month. We’ve also gone to Zoolights at the National Zoo and the Nutcracker and let each child pick out a special ornament for the tree. We’ve made ornaments and ¬†special presents to share with the birds. We baked cookies and made presents for the family.We’ve watched Christmas movies and sung carols with friends.

It’s been a good month.

But with all that there was one more thing the boys kept asking to do.

They wanted to go see what they affectionately call “the crazy house.” This is a house in our old neighborhood that has the entire front yard covered with lighted decorations, many of which move. You can’t fully experience it from the photo; for one thing, you can’t hear the Christmas music they have playing from speakers. Every year the owners add at least one new element which the boys excitedly talk about for weeks ahead of time as they wonder what it will be.

It is all a bit crazy. But it’s become our tradition. I think this bookends nicely with the advice I gave at the beginning of the month on traditions: just do it, adapt to your own family and don’t make it too hard. You can’t get much easier than driving by a house with lights.

I’m sure that when the kids grow up they will have forgotten a lot of the holiday activities I carefully planned. But I’m equally sure they will remember the crazy house.

What I hope they remember most is not the brilliance of the lights or the tinny music piped into the cold night. What I hope they remember is that the five of us were there together.

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