Bloggy love

Thanks to Bindu for nominating me for my first blog award.  Although,it’s small in the big scheme of things, anyway who writes a blog knows that it’s really nice to have readers and even nicer to know that those readers appreciate what you have written. They like me! They really like me!

The idea behind this award is to give recognition to “small blogs” (defined as less than 200 followers). I’m now supposed to nominate five small blogs that I enjoy. I have two problems with this. One is that I don’t really read a large variety of blogs these days. The second is that I have no idea how to tell if the blogs I read are small enough to qualify for this award. I read Mental Multivitamin and Semicolon regularly, but I’m quite sure both of those are well beyond the small category.

Other than that the five blogs I read the most regularly are: Hope is the Word, Reading to Know, Across the Page, I Capture the Rowhouse and Fanny Harville’s Unschool Academy. I really am not sure if they all meet the criteria for small blog, but they are all worth checking out if you are interested in books, education or just good writing.

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