No more motherhood?

“It’s not as if science is just a series of facts that are separate. Relativity is the basis of all of modern physics, all of particle physics, and astronomy,” Krauss said.

When a reporter suggested to Krauss that the neutrino report is like someone declaring that motherhood is bad, he said, “Actually, it’s like saying motherhood doesn’t exist.

From “Faster- than- Light Neutrino Poses the Ultimate Cosmic Brain Teaser for Physicists,” by Joel Achenbach in the Nov 15th Washington Post.

Fascinating article, but my favorite part was that the physicists respond to this news that if true will rock their world like a kid on Christmas morning. I love that as scientists they don’t look at the possibility that the basic theory underlying all that they believe is false as a setback but instead as an exciting new beginning.

2 thoughts on “No more motherhood?

  1. Pop explained all this to me. It took a while for it to sink in !
    All I can say is GOD IS IN CHARGE of the
    neutrinos and everything else !

  2. It would be interesting if true. We’ve been here before, for example when experiments with reversing electron spins on paired particles at a distance supported Bell’s Theorem. Although this was predicted in quantum theory, that prediction was rejected by Einstein and Rosen decades earlier as merely indicating that quantum mechanics had some cleanup to do. After Bell’s Theorem was shown to be true experimentally, many who didn’t understand quantum mechanics (especially nuts in the New Age movement) tried to use the experimental results to say that relativity was wrong, though that’s not necessarily the case. Experiments show that non-locality and relativity both appear to be true, but no one really knows how that can be.

    On the flip side, science always represents incomplete understanding. Newton reigned supreme in physics until Einstein. Was Newton wrong? Obviously not at our level of perception. It is simply the case that Newton works great until one approaches the speed of light, when relativity shows itself. Both are compatible when one clarifies the speed regime being considered.

    The latest experimental results always pose an “ultimate brain teaser” at least for a time. Best to admit that we don’t have comprehensive knowledge and never will. We must be willing to reconsider our perception of reality when confronted with evidence that we may be wrong. After all, we are finite beings and finitum non compax infinitum.

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