If you are looking for great literature this isn’t it. If you are easily offended by crude or vulgar jokes, don’t read this. If you thought that Tina Fey and SNL were cruel and unfair to Sarah Palin, this probably isn’t the book for you.

However, if you are looking for a funny, quick read that also gives an interesting inside view into life on two different network shows, this is a great book.  It didn’t change my life or teach me anything new but one night I did laugh so hard in bed that H. finally took it from me to read it himself and try to see just what was so funny. (What I learned from that is that this is a book that appeals to women more than men.)

The book is basically an autobiography but by far the more interesting part is after Fey becomes part of SNL and later on when she is developing and writing for 30 Rock. I was someone that found Fey’s impersonations of Palin hilarious even if my politics are closer to Palin than Fey. The story of how she started doing those impressions and how they developed over the 2008 election season is really interesting.

I didn’t so much mind the vulgar and crude parts of the book. I kind of expected it and felt like I knew what I was getting into. The one criticism I have is that sometimes the funny just felt relentless. Sometimes it was hard to pick out what was true from what was sarcasm or just an out-right lie to be funny. I like funny but I like it tempered with a little humanity. There were a few chapters where Fey seemed to achieve a better balance. The chapter on her Dad was incredibly endearing while being just as funny as the rest of the book and she writes about being a working mother with a lot of truth and humor.

Overall, I’d recommend this one if you are a fan of Fey, SNL or 30 Rock or if you are looking for a nice easy, and yes, funny, read.

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