Princess and the Pea, we are not.

map.jpgSo, the biggest earthquake in 100 years here and our story is: nothing. As in, we felt nothing. We were at the zoo and all clueless that it happened until we discovered that the bird house was closed “due to the earthquake”.

The only impact we felt was that it took two hours to get home due to traffic from all the federal buildings being evacuated. That and a few pictures were on the floor when we got home. All in all, anti-climactic but since we’re all safe and sound I’m ok with anti-climactic.

Apparently, other than being particularly unobservant to the earth shaking I’m also the last to know about major news events like this headed our way this weekend.

We have a French exchange student staying with us right now and I have a feeling she might be glad to go home when all this is over.

2 thoughts on “Princess and the Pea, we are not.

  1. The earthquake was quite a bit more interesting on the 10th floor. I’ve been in a number of earthquakes over the years, including a 7.1 in CA, but the pronounced swaying of the building back and forth that far above the ground was something new to me. That said, we simply went back to our desks after watching the cool waves on the pool at the apartments across the way. Cool, but the show was over. Building management overrode our indifference by evacuating the building.

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