Poetry Friday: All the World

All the World

I haven’t posted on Poetry Friday in awhile but I loved this book so much I thought it would be a good time to return. This book poem is by the fantastic author-illustrator duo of Liz Garton Scanlon and Marla Frazee. It was a Caldecott Honor book in 2010 and deservedly so. The concept is simple but hard to describe well in prose. Scanlon’s poem explores the things in the world that make us different and yet that we all have in common. Simple words celebrate nature, music, family, and things big and little in the world of children. Frazee’s pictures as always are beautiful and so detailed that they could be a story all on their own. Together the effect is luminous.

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Marla Frazee talking about All the World
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One of my favorite Marla Frazee books
One of my favorite books by Liz Garton Scanlon

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7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: All the World

  1. Oh wow, I am so glad to have run into your blog. I haven’t heard of this 2010 caldecott honor book yet. I would definitely be visiting the library in a few days to look for this lovely book. Thank you so much for sharing – for a book to be described as ‘luminous’ it must truly be something special.

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