Read Aloud Thursday: Books for All Ages

Today I thought I’d highlight a book that each member of the family is enjoying, from the youngest to the oldest.

From Head to Toe

This is probably Ruth’s favorite book right now. It’s been around awhile so most of you probably know it but each page highlights a different animal and asks if the reader can do an action like that animal. “I am a gorilla and I thump my chest. Can you do it? I can do it?” She LOVES the actions and we’ve read it so many times now that she does the right action on each page before I read it.

Library Mouse #1

David loves this book and often requests it at night before bed. Sam the mouse resides in a library. Every night he gets up and writes and illustrates a tiny book that he leaves somewhere in the library. Everyone loves his books and wonders who the author is. The librarian tries to arrange a meet the author time but Sam is shy. He finally comes up with a creative and inspirational solution.


John is an excellent reader but he is pretty much stuck in the fantasy genre. He reads books that are challenging (The Hobbit, Eragon) so I’m ok with it and mostly just let him read what he wants. Still, this summer I wanted to push him a bit out of his comfort zone. So I used the summer reading program to assign him books. I gave him some “free choice” and some general categories.

One was the category of “real fiction” meaning fiction with real people. No dragons. No magic. No elves. I suggested this book by Robert Newton Peck that I remembered from childhood. It’s basically an autobiographical tale of Peck’s childhood in 1920’s Vermont. The narrator and his best friend Soup get into all sorts of trouble and have all sorts of adventures. One of the things I love is that Peck dedicates the book to the real life Soup who one day grew up to be a pastor. If you’ve read the book you’ll understand why that’s pretty amazing.

As a Mom of boys, I often see people looking for recommendations for books that are interesting to boys and also books that feature boys in good roles. This is definitely one of them. The boys get in trouble, but the adults do the right thing. The trouble they get into is innocent and although they aren’t exactly role-models they are very real boys.  The good news is that there are a bunch of Soup books. Hopefully I can convince John to try some more.

A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith

I’m reading this book by Brian McLaren at the request of a friend. I mostly strongly disagree with it so I can’t say I’m enjoying it. However because of it I asked a friend about her thoughts on the emergent church. She gave me some CDs from The White Horse Inn. Listening to those has challenged and inspired me spiritually. And has given me a thirst to read more theology and apologetics. So for that reason alone I’m glad to have read the McLaren book even if I’m not loving it.

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

H. is enjoying this one that I reviewed here. It’s very much suited to his personality so I’m not surprised that he’s liking it.

For more of what kids (and parents) are reading be sure to check out Read Aloud Thursday at Hope is the Word.

5 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: Books for All Ages

  1. I love this post! What a great idea! I’ve never read Soup, but it’s one that has been on my mental tbr list forever! I love the idea of giving your son a required list, too.

    I think we’ve read The Library Mouse at some point, but I’m not sure. It looks very cute!

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  3. Honey, did you really post this while on “vacation” with the kids? Or, even if you wrote this ahead to be posted, it’s still fun to get the communique while you’re away! Miss you!

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