My Number One Homeschooling Tip

With a rising third grader I’m not exactly a homeschooling veteran, but I have learned a few things the past couple of years. This past year I made one change that was the single best thing I did all year.


We hired a cleaning service.

For some of you, this might seem like not a big deal. For others,  you might be shocked. In my experience, homeschoolers tend to be DIY kind of people. We think we can educate our kids better at home and in the same circles you find a lot of people who bake their own bread, sew their own clothes, cut their own hair, grow their own veggies, fix their own cars, never go to a doctor unless they are dying, etc. Therefore, it makes me feel like somewhat of a failure to admit to not being able to do it all.

The service only comes once a month and there is still plenty of housework to do, but it’s been such a relief to know that all the cleaning jobs that just weren’t going to get done by me (mopping!) are now getting done. The week that they come everything gleams and shines and just makes me feel unreasonably happy.

Maybe you don’t want or need a cleaning service. Maybe you actually already do things like clean your baseboards and scrub the grout in the shower. But I’m pretty sure there is some area in your life where you could use some help. So my tip is….ask for the help. Admit that you can’t do it all.

Trust me, it’s life-changing.


4 thoughts on “My Number One Homeschooling Tip

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