Read Aloud Thursday: From our Book Basket

During the school year, we mostly read books based on a theme. During the summer, we just read whatever catches our eye at the library. This week’s theme could be “books David liked”. He’s my main picture book audience these days although both John and Ruth listen in as well.

Captain Bob Sets Sail

Captain Bob is the “bravest and best captain that ever sailed the seas” in this imaginative and fun look at bathtime by Roni Schotter. The text is rambunctious, the colors are bright and if you have a four year old like mine he will think that the boy being naked is the funniest thing ever. (No worries, it’s innocent nudity.)

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs: Missing Treasure!

David loves pirates so he liked this one by Giles Andrea and Russell Ayto. Flinn and his friends are visiting a museum when a famous pirate treasure is discovered stolen. He follows the trail and discovers that the thieves are pirate dinosaurs. He and his brave friends battle the dinosaurs, recover the treasure and save the day.

The Monster Who Ate My Peas

This fabulously funny book by Danny Schnitzlein features a boy who doesn’t want to eat his peas. He thinks he is lucky when he finds a monster who will eat them for him in exchange for his soccer ball. But as with all deals with the devil he quickly realizes he’s made a bad decision. Parents will cheer at the ending (when he discovers he truly loves peas) and kids won’t mind it because of the awesome monster illustrations by Matt Faulkner and the infectious rhyming text.


As you can see from the previous books, David’s favorites tend to be funny and silly. But he also loves monkeys and apes. He’s much less likely to want to sit through a non-fiction book that something on the goofier side but he was entranced by this book on gorillas by the always fabulous Gail Gibbons.

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3 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: From our Book Basket

  1. Gail Gibbons’ Gorillas (love the alliteration!) is the only one of these we’ve read. Great fun! I know what you mean about your oldest not being your primary picture book audience any longer. Sort of sad, isn’t it? So glad to read your post this Thursday!

  2. Isn’t it funny how the older kids still tune in, even if it’s picture books you’re reading? My 10-year-old still does, too.

    We’re Gail Gibbons fans around here too. The book about the pea-eating monster looks too fun!

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