Read Aloud Thursday: The Zoo, Part Two.

Going to the Zoo

“We’re going the the, How about you…”  We’ve read so many great zoo books these past few weeks I thought I’d share some more here. In this book by Tom Paxton and Karen Lee Schmidt, fun illustrations give life to Paxton’s familiar folk song about the zoo. One warning, it’s virtually impossible to read this book without singing the words.

When We Went to the Zoo

Two children simply tell what they saw at the zoo in this  book by Jan Ormerod. The illustrations are charming and simple. David liked it because in the end, what they liked best was seeing the sparrows building a nest.

Welcome to the Zoo!

This wordless book by Alison Jay is deceptively simple. A family of four walks through a zoo where the animals and people freely mix.  At the end a series of prompts leads you back on a seek and find through the pictures. You can see an ostrich being chased by a zookeeper in each painting and follow a hat as it travels through the zoo.

Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo

“If you hang around the cages at the zoo,
Watch closely!
And you’ll learn a thing or two.
From the feathered booty of the cockatoo
To the hairy haunches of the caribou
Some are smooth
Some are shiny
Some are swimming in the briny
No one tries to hide his heinie at the zoo.”

A book about animals at the zoo, that has more synonyms than you can imagine for heinie, in rhyme? What’s not to love about this hilarious book by Ayun  Halliday? According to my boys, nothing!

As always, check out Read Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the Word for more great read aloud ideas.

6 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: The Zoo, Part Two.

  1. I’ve wrote all these titles down to see if our library has them. My little boy loves animal books more than any other ones, so maybe he will like these! 🙂

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