4015 Days of Nothing


Some people say your wedding day is the best day of your life. Some girls dream about that day and all the details. I never really did.

The thing  I was most surprised about eleven years ago was that the wedding was actually pretty fun. I looked forward to the marriage, very much. But the wedding? Not so much. As an introvert, a day being the center of attention surrounded by 250 people wasn’t my idea of fun. But in the end it was a blast.

But the best day of my life?  Nope.

Now the marriage? It’s been full of best days.

And it’s only getting better.


3 thoughts on “4015 Days of Nothing

  1. Happy anniversary – belatedly. Another introvert who enjoyed her wedding day but wouldn’t necessarily put it up there as the “best day of my life” either. Although I think it also might have something to do with distance from the event for me. I remember very clearly when, as a newly married bride, being terribly hurt when my husband stated rather bluntly that our wedding day wasn’t necessarily the best day in his life.

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