Read Aloud Thursday: Cars

Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car (Picture Puffin)

This past week was all about cars, with this delightful book as our Five in a Row book of the week. Mr. Gumpy sets out to go for a ride when two children, a pig, a goat, a calf, a dog, a cat and some other animals ask to come along. They get stuck in the mud after a sudden storm and all the animals refuse to get out to help  but in the end they do and all is well. Shades of The Little Red Hen, and very humorously done.

Jennifer and Josephine

Bill Peet is a go-to favorite around here. Like many of his stories, this one centers around an old car that has been passed over by more modern society. The car is home to a stray cat who is also it’s best friend. When a traveling salesman buys the car the two end up having a frightening adventure.

If you like Bill Peet, check out his website. It’s full of information about his many books and his long career as a Disney animator and storyman.

Cars: Rushing! Honking! Zooming!

This deceptively simple book by Patricia Hubbell uses simple rhymes to highlight all kinds of different cars. The collage illustrations are fun (Dalmations drive the fire truck for example). This one is especially good for preschoolers.

If I Built a Car

And finally, I think this one by Chris Van Dusen was the favorite of the week. A boy decides to redesign his family station wagon (a pool! a robot driver! a snack bar!). The rhymes are Dr. Seuss like and the illustrations are retro-futuristic (think the Jetsons).  The boys loved this one and after reading it drew their own dream cars.

And be sure to stop by Hope is the Word for more parent and child reading suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: Cars

  1. Just saw an ad that the new Cars movie opens today so that’s pretty cool. Looks like it was a fun week at your house! It beats spelling! 😉

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