Read Aloud Thursday: Three for the Imagination

We use Five in a Row for preschool and kindergarten or what we like to call “David School” currently. Five in a Row is a great curriculum because you can easily adapt it to what suits you and your family. For us, most of the time this means reading a lot of books that go along with the “book of the week” and doing a few activities. It’s not exactly the way the curriculum is designed to be used but it works for us.

What this typically means is that every month or so I head to the library alone with a list in hand. I check out a LOT of books. I’ll just stay that our local library has a 50 book limit per card and typically I have to use John’s card as I’m over the limit on my own.

The planning ahead works well for us and the big library trips are efficient and provide us with plenty of reading material but sometimes it’s also fun to just wander the shelves and pull off what looks interesting. Last week, I had David and Ruth with me at the library so I was less efficient but found some great treasures nonetheless.

These three were probably the best of the bunch. Or at least, the ones we enjoyed the most.

The Pencil

This clever book by Allan Ahlberg stars a pencil as the main character. The pencil is lonely so he draws a bunch of friends for himself, including a paintbrush to give color to his creations. There is a bit of danger after he creates an eraser that won’t stop erasing and threatens to destroy him. But he comes up with a great solution and all is well.

It reminded me of Harold and some of the other books we read when we read Harold as our book of the week. The pencil and Harold’s purple crayon would make great buddies.

Max's Words

I adored this book by Kate Banks (and with awesome illustrations by Boris Kulikov). Max is the youngest of three boys. His brothers collect stamps and coins and refuse to share with Max. He decides to collect something of his own and chooses words. In the end he shows them how his words are much more fun and useful than their musty old things. I see on Amazon that there is another book about Max and his brothers and I’m definitely going to look for it in our library.If you love words and stories and books, you will like this book.

Charlie's Superhero Underpants

And finally, something a little different. The hero of this story, Charlie, loses his favorite superhero underpants when the laundry is taken away by a sudden wind. He travels far and wide to find them (Paris, Peru, Mississippi, the Serengeti) because

They had POW!
across the front,
in giant letters,
bold and black,
With KERZAP! and OOF!
and SPLAT! a little smaller on the back.
And villians would take fright
As Charlie pulled his pants up tight,

His Scarlet Superhero Underpants.

This book is delightfully silly, with a catchy rhyme and bright almost cartoon-like drawings. And what little boy can resist a book that makes his Mom have to say underpants about 20 times? Great fun, indeed.

And as always, check out Hope is the Word for more Read Aloud Thursday links!

5 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: Three for the Imagination

  1. We’ve read Max’s Words–in fact, I think it made it into a RAT post a long time ago. I didn’t know there is another Max book, though. I’ll have to look for it! The other two look especially fun–my girls would like the Underpants book, I’m sure.

    I miss doing FIAR. Simple, easy, and snuggly!

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