Read Aloud Thursday: Beach Books

Night of the Moonjellies

Before our annual trip to the beach we spent a week reading about the beach and ocean. This wonderful book by Mark Shasta has become as much a part of our annual tradition as the actual trip. It’s definitely one of our favorite Five in a Row books.

It’s a sweet story of a boy who is spending the summer at the beach with his grandmother working at the family diner. He finds a “moonjelly”  on the beach but doesn’t know what it is. His grandmother takes him out on a boat into the middle of the ocean in a field of moonjellies. It’s a simple plot that beautifully depicts the grandmother-grandson relationship. The oil pastel illustrations are gorgeous.

Hello Ocean

This lovely book by Pam Munoz Ryan is one of my all time favorite books about the beach.  The text is a little girl saying hello to the ocean using all her senses (it’s also a great book to read for a preschool study on the senses). The accompanying phot0-realistic illustrations make you feel like you can  almost see, taste, smell and hear the ocean yourself.
WaveSuzy Lee uses simple charcoal drawings in this wordless book to invoke the feeling of being on the beach.  It’s a great read for any age, youngest to oldest in the family.
Those SummersAliki captures the feel of both the seaside and a particular time in this book. The lyrical voice of the narrator will make you feel like her memories of spending summers at the sea with a huge family are your own. One warning, there is a mention of a child who drowned in the undertow. It’s not a major part of the book so I typically just skip those lines. If you have a sensitive child you may want to preread so you can do the same but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying this book.

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9 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: Beach Books

  1. Can you believe I’ve never read Night of the Moonjellies? It’s one of those books I can’t get my hands on. I think we read Hello Ocean a long time ago, but all the rest are new to me.

    I could really, really use a trip to the beach right now!

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