Poetry Friday

A Sock Is a Pocket for Your Toes: A Pocket Book

I love this book. It was the first book for Elizabeth Garton Scanlon, which is pretty amazing in of itself.  It follows four families through their daily activities while taking the concept of  “pockets” and running with it. I love the creative outside the box thinking. I love the rhyme that just carries the book along.

A sock is a pocket for your toes.
A vase is a pocket for a rose.
A pocket for a chicken is a coop,
And a bowl is a pocket full of soup-
A bowl is a pocket spilling soup.

The illustrations are by Robin Preiss Glaser who also did the illustrations for the “You Can’t Take a Balloon” books. Like those books, the illustrations are incredibly detailed. Each time you read the book you can find something new in the pictures and they give a whole added dimension to the story. For example, the text doesn’t really talk about the people in the pictures but there is a story to their relationships that you can follow just through the illustrations.

If you have kids who love poetry and language they will love this book. And if you have kids who think they don’t like poetry, they’ll love this book and not even realize what they are reading.

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