Read Aloud Thursday: Steve Jenkins

I thought that today that I’d highlight one of my favorite children’s author/illustrators, Steve Jenkins. John has always loved non-fiction books but David isn’t so into them so we haven’t read these in a while. However, we recently got one of Jenkins books out of the library and I was reminded how great they are.

What Do You Do When Something Wants To Eat You?

This fabulous book looks at the different strategies animals have for survival. Jenkins’ illustrations are paper collage and are amazingly detailed for this medium. It was in this book that we were introduced to one of our family’s favorite animals: the blue-tongued skink. When it is trying to escape from a predator it sticks out its bright blue tongue and wags it back and forth. Amazingly, this works. We’ve been lucky enough to actually see the skink (and its tongue) at our zoo which was quite a thrill. Every time we have blueberries for breakfast one of us invariably imitates the skink.

I See a Kookaburra!: Discovering Animal Habitats Around the World (Bccb Blue Ribbon Nonfiction Book Award (Awards))

This book like many of Jenkins, was written with his wife and frequent co-author, Robin Page. It features his characteristic illustrations and explores animal habitats around the world. It’s a fun book to read as you search for the different animals featured in each habitat.


The first two books here are for older elementary kids (or if you have a science loving kid like my oldest they are great at any age). Move! by Jenkins and Page is equally well suited to preschoolers or younger elementary kids. Each page has simple text exploring the  different ways animals move with vivid detailed illustrations showing the movement.

Visit Steve Jenkins’ website for a really interesting look at the making of his books.

And as always, check out what other parents and kids are reading at Hope is the Word.

10 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: Steve Jenkins

  1. We love animals, and all these books sound like a lot of fun! What To Do When Something Wants To Eat You could be a favourite here! We has an underwater reading theme this week

    I do apologise if this is a repeat post, but my browser is doing odd things today 😉

  2. These sound like a lot of fun! I loved reading about your family’s occasional skink imitations at the breakfast table — I think I’d feel right at home if I came for breakfast!

  3. We’ve just read a two new Jenkins titles in the past week or so! I hope to review them soon. I LOVE science picture books, and I think a little of that has rubbed off on my girls, maybe.

    Great post! 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

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  6. Thank you for another great author recommendation. We’ve read several of Steve Jenkins’ books this week and the girls and I are learning so much! Our favorite was the basilisk lizard, known in South America as the Jesus Christ lizard. The girls also loved “Sisters & Brothers: Sibling Relationships in the Animal World.”

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