Poetry Friday

Did you know that there is a Children’s Poet Laureate? I didn’t until recently but I was so excited to find out that the current one is Mary Ann Hoberman. I didn’t first know Hoberman as a poet but as the author of one of my favorite children’s books, The Seven Silly Eaters.

The Seven Silly Eaters

I realized after reading about Hoberman at her website that this book is really an illustrated narrative poem. It’s a great book, illustrated by the wonderful Marla Frazee.

Mr. and Mrs. Peters have seven children and each one is wonderful but from an early age insists on eating only one food. She patiently accommodates them but becomes more and more frazzled by their demands. They end up finding a great solution when on her birthday the kids all decide to make her a birthday cake using all their special foods. (And if you’ve read the book, here is a fun recipe to make the cake.)

We also recently got a collection of Hoberman’s poems out of the library, The Llama Who Had No Pajama. The poems in here are fun and witty. I like that she often pays attention to the shape of the words on the page.  Many of the poems I liked best would be hard to share here as she has repeating letters or words line up down the page. Here is the last poem in the book which makes a lovely simple good-by poem.

Good Morning When It’s Morning

Good morning when it’s morning
Good night when it’s night
Good evening when it’s dark out
Good day when it’s light
Good morning to the sunshine
Good evening to the sky
And when it’s time to go away

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday

  1. I didn’t know that, and I’m so glad it’s her! We’ve fallen in love with “The Seven Silly Eaters” at our house recently, and it’s lovely to know she’s received the recognition she deserves.

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