A trip to Annapolis

Typically Saturdays are busy days for us. When we realized that we had a Saturday completely unscheduled, we decided to take the opportunity to get out of town and do a day trip. Somewhat on a whim, we chose Annapolis. In keeping with our general ideas of travel with kids it provided a good mix of activities: a fun place to eat, lots of outdoor time, a little bit of museum time and all relatively inexpensive.

Lunch at Chick and Ruth’s Delly. We went for the jumbo milkshake. They also have a “colossal” which is 6 pounds. Yes. POUNDS. We didn’t get that, but we did see some other people tackling it.

Feeding the ducks. This was clearly Ruth’s favorite activity of the day. “Duck” is one of the words she says clearest and she was incredibly excited to say it. Over and over again. I was holding her tightly as I have no doubt she would have jumped in if allowed.

We took a boat tour. The captain let John drive which he later said was his favorite part of the day. (David got at turn too.) The homes along the waterfront are unbelievably gorgeous.

This was at the US Naval Academy. I forget the significance of the Indian but I love this picture because the Indian is so big and solemn. And Ruth is so not big and solemn.

All in all a good Saturday.

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