Read Aloud Thursday: Eggs

An Egg Is Quiet

Continuing from last week’s theme of birds we also enjoyed reading about eggs recently. This first book by Dianna Aston is absolutely gorgeous. The ink and watercolor illustrations by Sylvia Long are beautifully detailed. The text simply describes attributes of different eggs (round, pointy, textured, smooth). I like that eggs from non-birds are also included (turtles, frogs, insects, fish). We had a lot of fun looking at the end pages. The front end pages have a variety of different eggs and the back end pages have the corresponding animals that came from the eggs.


The illustrations and text in this book by Marilyn Singer and Emma Stevenson reminded me very much of the previous one. It is also beautifully done, with illustrations that evoke the feel of a naturalist’s notebook. The text provides more factual detail about eggs and is more in depth than the previous one. It is probably better suited to an older elementary student where the previous one is great for a preschooler.

Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg

This book by Mia Posada uses simple fun riddles to showcase several different animals that grow inside eggs (octopus, alligator, penguin, spider). It’s a great book for preschoolers beginning to learn the different types of animals and the idea that animals that might seem very different have things in common.

Scrambled Eggs Super

Horton Hatches the Egg

And because you can never go wrong with Dr. Seuss, we included these two just for fun.


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4 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: Eggs

  1. Children’s books are much better than adult ones !! I love the way you remind me of old treasures and teach me about new gems !
    The parent who does not take the time to read with their kids, is missing one of life’s greatest joys !

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