One more truth about homeschooling.

I thought maybe my last few “truth about homeschooling” posts were on the negative side.

I love this photo primarily because it doesn’t show anything particularly special. It was taken on an ordinary day showing an ordinary moment.

It’s good to be real and honest about the difficulties in homeschooling.

But it’s also good to realize that the good is just as real.

And true.

8 thoughts on “One more truth about homeschooling.

  1. Hi Alice~

    I read this post right after watching this video…”the gift of an ordinary day” …I think you’ll enjoy it!


  2. I took a bunch of pictures that morning with these two, but actually my favorite of the series has our youngest’s face really smushed against our oldest’s! It’s always a good day to acknowledge when even the ordinary is special.

  3. That was a beautiful video. Maybe I’ll check out the book.

    By the way, your blog has become one of my main sources for book recommendations. Thank you!

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