He’s been good to me.


245) Friends who listen to me when I need to talk

246) Sunshine

247) A bike ride alone

248) A bike ride with the family

249) Sore muscles

250) A teeny tiny love note

251) A day where no one asked to use the computer for games or videos

252) A pair of cardinals in a tree

253) 70 degrees!

254) Spring everywhere

255) Chocolate chip cookies

256) Independently owned stores

257) Thin mint ice cream

2 thoughts on “He’s been good to me.

  1. Alice,

    We sing the first verse of this song as a blessing before meals! I didn’t realize it had more verses! It’s really funny when we have guests for dinner and we all gear up to sing! The girls learned this in preschool and it has stuck with us all these years. Thanks for sharing this. We may have to start rehearsing all the verses and come to dinner less hungry!

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