Are you not of more value than they?

A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit. Erasmus

I did our taxes this week.  It was a bit of a blow. We knew we’d owe money this year but it was significantly more than we expected. Without going into the boring details the reason we owe a lot of taxes this year is due to a series of decisions that also enabled us to buy our current house.

I’ve been working on the habit of gratitude. But after seeing the tax bill facing us I fell back into some old habits. The habit of doubt. Was buying the house really the right thing? The habit of worry. What if there is an emergency and we don’t have the money because we paid the taxes? The habit of negativity. It’s just not fair.

So I forced myself to pick up a pen and drive in a different nail. I told myself to write down ten things about this house I love and am thankful for. By the time I’d written #201-212 below I felt a little of the doubt and worry and negativity being replaced by trust and faith and peace.

Gratitude is a discipline. It’s not always natural or easy. But it comes easier with practice.

190) First blooms of forsythia

191) Light in the sky at 5 am

192) Presidential flags proudly displayed

193) Putting one foot in front of the other

194) Beauty of a fallen dead branch

195) Sidewalk chalk pictures

196) Clouds moving across the moon

197) A very clean house (not cleaned my me)

198) Leslie Sansone

199) Beautiful pink tulips

200) Brothers and sisters who most of the time play together beautifully

201) The bike trail

202) A great back yard

203) Living close to friends

204) More space

205) A layout that works great for kids

206) Our own bathroom

207) Places to walk

208) Huge windows that let in lots of light

209) Lots of trees

210) A fireplace

211) Money in savings to pay our taxes

212) Being clothed  like the lilies of the field and fed like the birds of the air

213) Rain

214) Watching the boys watch the squirrels at our bird feeder

215) Mud

216) Swinging

217) Teaching John to pump on the swings

218) Homemade salsa




2 thoughts on “Are you not of more value than they?

  1. Amen. Way to go, girl. lol. Gratitude cures many ills…keeps things in perspective. Many of us Americans take so much for granted. I stay in touch with a young minister in Uganda where there is no public school (only those who have the fee money or scholarship go to school…mostly boys), no public assistance…much struggle. But Western Unions dot the landscape there because so many Americans send monies….’alms’ for the people.

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