Math is Fun

David thinks he’s building cities. He doesn’t know he’s meeting the preschool objectives of recognizing shapes, learning colors, and sorting into sets. (He had to sort out all the green triangles as he was using those as “men”.) He’s also engaged in a nice go-along activity for our FIAR book this week, Mike Mulligan. We’ve been talking a lot about construction and getting out all sorts of blocks and other building toys.

John got into the action too. His are dragons on parade. What I liked about this is that one of the suggested activities you can do with these pattern blocks is to make a design and then ask your child to copy it. I tried that when we first got them and neither kid was very into it. The blocks themselves have been a huge hit but they keep saying they just want to play. But if you look at John’s identical dragons on parade, you’ll see that he copied his own design over and over again.

And so my plan to make them learn even when they think they aren’t worked yet again.

(Insert evil laugh here.)

*You can find the pattern blocks at Rainbow Resource if you’re interested.


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