Gratitude Days 44-50

161) Sunlight streaking through clouds

162) A service with all praise songs I love

163) Lively, yet gracious discussion in Sunday School

164) Ruth’s feet run run running up and down the hall

165) The way she says “Ma ME”, “Ma ME”, “Ma ME”

166) The contrast between dark cloud and blue sky

167) Glimpses through lighted windows

168) Pink newborn toes

169) A warm soft bed

170) Going outside without a coat

171) Driving with the windows open

172) My hair blowing in the wind

173) A canceled basketball practice freeing up the night for an unpleasant yet necessary task

174) Crow perched at the top of a gnarled oak tree

175) Sunset: Big orange ball about to drop over the horizon.

176) Boys on bikes

177) Ding-ding of the bell on Ruth’s tricycle

178) Comforting words of grace from my parents

179) Memory of a black kitten who fit in the palm of my hand

180) Ruth finally falling asleep

181) A hot shower

182) Shampoo that smells of almonds

183) A perfect full moon

184) Sleeping babies all in a row in the nursery

185) Sky of blues, purples, peaches and pinks

186) Reading in the sun

187) Shimmering field of golden grass oscillating in the wind

188) Watching planes take off

189) Parents who love their children

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