Gratitude Days 37-43

136) Receiving Communion.

137) An afternoon of conversation with friends.

138) An uncle for my boys who patiently teaches them about football.

139) A cold morning walk

140) Not falling on black ice.

141) A day full of interesting patients.

142) A spray of pretty purple flowers from my colleagues at work.

143) Smiles and hugs from Ruth after her nap.

144) Some light still outside at almost 6pm.

145) Boys who beg for more books before bed.

146) Ruth’s pure joy in playing outside.

147) A date with a monkey. Macaroni and cheese, root beer, frozen yogurt and a lot of giggles.

148) “Dancing” in the car with David.

149) Snowflakes swirling in the wind.

150) The feeling of kissing Ruth’s chubby cheek. Unbelievably soft, like nothing else.

151) Lincoln log houses.

152) Construction paper hearts.

153) David  trying to blow on a root beer bottle and make it whistle.

154) A deep blue morning sky with stars twinkling

155) A V of geese flying overhead

156) It Is Well With My Soul on the radio

157) Sitting in the sun reading with Ruth

158) The chocolaty smell of cupcakes baking filling the house

159) A bright blue notebook with daisies on it.

160) Chocolate ganache with lime and blackberries.

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