Way better than a bouquet of flowers.

When we first moved into this house last summer, I bought this shower curtain for the kids’ bathroom. I’d always wanted one and a new house was a good excuse to buy it.  Part of the attraction is that it’s cool, part is that it’s a way to learn geography while you are brushing your teeth (or doing other things). Just this week John told me that he likes to read the names of the South American countries and the Pacific Islands while he is..um…doing other things.

At the time I mentioned that I was tempted to also buy another special shower curtain that I’d always wanted but we didn’t actually need it so I didn’t.

This was my birthday present from H.

I’ve wanted one of these since I was a Chemistry major in college.

I think my favorite thing about this is that to me it says that H. really gets me. And that’s the best present of all.




7 thoughts on “Way better than a bouquet of flowers.

    • The map is fun. In general I really love maps and I like we’re all learning a little geography just from being in the bathroom. The colors are nice and bright for a kids’ bath also.

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