January Gratitude

1) Sleep
2) A brilliant red sky at sunrise this morning
3) Celebrating new life at a baby shower
4) The women at my church
5) My favorite very soft and fluffy fleece blanket
6) Tylenol
7) Seeing Zoolights
8 ) Beef fajitas at my favorite Tex-Mex place
9) Beginning a new book that promises to be very good
10) Ham Biscuits
11) Rain that stopped in time for our annual New Year’s Walk.
12) David’s hand in mine.
13) A house full of friends
14) Getting up to exercise yesterday.
15) Getting up again.
16) Leslie Sansone
17) Giggling over a grammar lesson
18) John’s kindness with David
19) Snuggling
20) Cinnamon Altoids
21) A job with variety.
22) Chubby toddler arms around my neck.
23) Dinners that are easy to make.
24) Laughter
25) A hot shower
26) A hawk sitting in a tree by the library at dusk
27)Rediscovering old favorites like Henry and Mudge and Poppleton with David
28 )Making pizza dough with David as my helper
29 ) A visit from friends who live across the world
30) Paper snowflakes in our window
31) Teatime
32) Homemade pizza
33) Movie night
34) The quiet stillness of snow.
35) Volunteer basketball coaches. And referees.
36) Miniature butter cookies
37) Book blogs
38 ) Sitting between my two boys at Medieval Times and watching their faces shine with joy.
39) The shifting blues in our church’s stained glass window.
40) Guitar, drums and stand-up bass at church.
41) David’s mischievous grin flashed at me from the front of the church.
42) The way our kids love my husband.
43) David’s innocence when playing Old Maid.
44) Watching John think while playing Othello.
45) Banana splits and family devotions
46) Sleeping late
47) Running water
48) Sweat
49) Math games
50) 80′s music radio stations
51) Ruth in the window waving at me as I came home from work.
52) Bathtubs full of bubbles and kids.
53) Hooded towels and footed pajamas.
54) A husband who cleaned the snow off my car.
55) Snow covered branches.
56) Chubby kissable cheeks
57) Women who pray
58 )Eavesdropping on extreme boy silliness in the backseat of my car
59) Gap-toothed grins.
60) The smell of bread baking.
61) Bread and jam for teatime.
62) Cooking with David
63) Two hours ALONE in my house.
64) A five course feast with friends.
65) The smell of Dragonfruit shampoo.
66) A sweaty sleepy head nestled next to mine.
67) Deep red glass catching the sunlight
68 ) Utility workers
69) Safe travel
70) The tinkling sound of ice covered branches
71) Coming home
72) Popcorn and hot chocolate
73) Sitting (dare I say basking)  in the warmth of the sun
74) New shoes
75) A boy who planted popcorn in our yard hoping for a popcorn tree to grow.
76) The vomiting in the car was indeed from carsickness and not a stomach bug.
77) Coffee ice cream after all the kids are in bed asleep.
78 ) No snow today
79) Ice packs
80) Vision
81) Pain meds
82) Friends who watched the kids today while I had eye surgery
83) Humphrey
84) A sunrise streaking across the sky
85) Our church family
86) Lunch and conversation with some great women
87)Five of us snuggling and reading on our bed together
88 )Peppermint tea
89) The honesty of kids
90) That a homeschool sick day isn’t really that different from a regular homeschool day.
91) All the colors of the rainbow in paint.
92) Snow
93) John’s fever gone.
94) Safe travel
95) Leftovers that were delicious for dinner.
96) Warmth
97) Electricity
98) The Verizon worker who called me last night to tell me H. was ok and just stuck in traffic.
99) A world covered with a coating of confectioner’s sugar snow.
100) Watching Ruth experience snow for the first time.
101) Sledding with all three kids.
102) Washing machine repairmen.
103) A washing machine.
104) Clean laundry.
105) Phone and Internet.
106) Amazingly good Ghirardelli brownies.
107) For lessons gently taught.
108) John’s best friend and a fun day of play for the two of them.
109) Ruth’s laugh greeting me at the door when I got home from work.
110) Getting home an hour earlier than I expected.
111) Jack Frost pictures on the windshield.
112) A row of bushes with bright red berries on the edge of a field of white snow.
113) Relatively healthy kids.
114) A husband who not only fixed my dresser drawer but left the drawer looking like this.
115) Little girl in a purple dress dancing in the pew in front of us.
116) The nursery workers at church who love Ruth and who she loves back.
117) Church potluck. Great food, great fellowship.
118) Beautiful sunny day.
119) A trip downtown to museums.
120) A little girl in a pink sweater and sparkly shoes who told me she “loved fancy things”.
121) Adult conversation at lunch

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