Gratitude Day 22

83) Humphrey

When you promise “in sickness and in health” when you get married you think of catastrophe and think (hope) you’ll be strong enough to live up to that promise. But that’s not what it really means. I’ve had 6 surgeries in our 10 years of marriage (3 c-sections, 1 gallbladder taken out, 1wisdom teeth removal and just yesterday eye surgery). Humphrey has had plenty of time to figure out what in sickness and in health means and show that he more than lives up to his promise.

It means I will take time off of work to drive you to surgery.

It means I will bring you ice packs for your eyes.

And hot pillows since the ice packs make you cold.

I will go to the pharmacy to get your prescriptions.

I will do all the child related tasks for two days and  keep the kids out of the house all day so you can rest.

And I will love you while doing all that.

That’s in sickness.

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