A new year, a new book list.

All over the Internet you see people making lists of the best of 2010 and posting about plans for 2011. Seems like a lot of people share my love for new beginnings. This past week I’ve spent cleaning and tidying the house. I’ve thrown out bags and bags of stuff. I’ve taken down all the Christmas decorations. I’ve got plans a-brewing in my head for the new school semester. I’m taking stock of the past year and getting reading for the new one.

And as I have the past two years I’m thinking about what I want to read this year. In 2009 and 2010 I made lists that were meant to help me be more intentional in my reading life. This past year was more of a failure than a success. I read, although in much smaller numbers than normal for me and I largely ended up ignoring my list. I know that’s ok since the lists were just something to use for my own benefit but there is a part of me that is such a perfectionist that I feel guilty at not finishing.

Partially for that reason, I’ve decided to be less structured this year. I’m going to try and read 52 books in 52 weeks but I’m not going to worry about sticking to a list of what those books are. I’ve realized that often my interests evolve over the year and what I want to read in September is not what I wanted in January. So I’m going with a little more serendipity and a little less design.

I did start a to-be-read list just to help remember all those books I hear about and think “Oh, that sounds great.” But I think this will be more of a lifetime list that never really gets completed than one where I’m looking to check off each entry.

And really, for a reader, what could be better than a never ending list of books to be read.

5 thoughts on “A new year, a new book list.

    • Thanks Sherry, I think it might work better than trying to over plan. The list on here is really just the books that I hear about and want to make sure to remember. It doesn’t include the lists of classics and books on my shelves. It would take too much time to type all that up. 🙂

  1. great TBR list. I’ve not heard of several of those authors. Have you thought about joining LibraryThings or GoodReads? Its a nice way to keep track of your booklists.

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