Book Review: Bury Your Dead

Bury Your Dead: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel (Chief Inspector Gamache Novels)

I love mysteries. I love the books of Agatha Christie, P. D. James, Ngaoi Marsh, Elizabeth George, Elizabeth Peters and Laurie King among others.  I love finding a new mystery writer whose book makes me want to go out and find everything they have written. Although I like the genre it’s not that often that I actually find an author who does that. This has been a good year for mysteries. Earlier this fall, I discovered Simon Beckett’s first book (the second one is now on my shelf waiting to be read).  And now this book by Louise Penny has me searching for all the others in the series and wanting to gobble them up.

Bury Your Dead is the latest in a series featuring Armand Gamache, a police detective in Montreal. I tend to gravitate towards British mysteries so it was fun to discover a series in a new setting. Like all good mysteries, this is simply a good book by a good writer. The mystery portion is excellent as Penny weaves together three separate stories deftly. The characters are just as fully developed and interesting as the plot.

The one warning I would give is that one of the main stories in this book involves a re-investigation of a case from a previous book. It’s not necessary to have read that book to understand this one, but if I  go back and read the other one it will be less enjoyable as I now know the ending. So if you are thinking about trying this author, I’d suggest starting with previous book in the series. I’m a bit obsessive about reading series in order and didn’t know when I got this one that it was the sixth in a series.  But now I do have the others to look forward to.

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