A Week of Thanksgiving- Day 1

10 Things I am Thankful for Today:

1) A husband who made popovers for breakfast (I think John was thankful also as he ate 7.)

2) Bach playing while we ate and got ready for church.

3) The time to take a long, very hot and uninterrupted shower.

4) The music team at church. I can’t do it so I appreciate the guitar and drums and bass and trumpet and voices all that much more.

5) French onion soup and a house full of friends for lunch.

6) A friend who loves books as much as me and loves to talk about them.

7) A kitchen that is clean (enough).

8 ) John’s best friend who has been here three days in a row and who still wanted to say for dinner because they were just having too much fun together.

9)  Boys who like to be read aloud to at night almost as much as I like reading aloud to them.

10) The New Yorker magazine.

One thought on “A Week of Thanksgiving- Day 1

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