A Fall Break

We took a break from school this past week. Like many homeschoolers we have a somewhat fluid idea of a “school year” anyway. We started back in the beginning of August when the boys were bored and needing the structure the school year brings and when it’s too hot in Virginia to want to be outside anyway. We take off days here and there when we need to and we’ll roughly “finish” at the end of June. That gives us the ability to take some non-traditional breaks, like mid-October when it’s beautiful outside and we all want to be out playing. I also find that after about 6-8 weeks of the school schedule we all need a bit of a break.

It was a good week.  I didn’t get most of the things done that I was hoping to, but we did have fun.

We went to a local Fall Festival with some friends. Lots of slides, a hayride, farm animals, kettle corn and pumpkins to take home on a gorgeous warm October day.

We went to a park to play. I’m not sure what they are plotting here but it can’t be good.

And they painted themselves to look like Maori warriors and had a battle in the backyard. One of the good things about being homeschoolers is that just as we have a fluid idea of what a school year is my kids have a fluid idea of what a “break” is. John defines “school” as his least favorite subjects (spelling, grammar and handwriting). Most everything else he likes and doesn’t really ask for a break from. He was fine with doing some history and science this week. We also did an experiment about stalactites and stalagmites to follow up on our trip to Luray Caverns.

A good week. And now we’re ready to start again.

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