With apologies to Laura Numeroff

If you give a boy a puddle of water,
He’s going to find some dirt to go with it.
And if he finds some dirt to go with it,
He’s going to make some mud.
Once he makes the mud he’ll argue with his brother about whose mud is the BEST.
That will remind him that it’s been too long since he and his brother have had a good battle.
He’ll look for a good stick for a stick -and-mud battle.
While looking for the stick he’ll see the swings.
He’ll want you to push him.
While you are pushing him he’ll argue with his brother about who is going the HIGHEST.
While swinging he’ll see his baby sister playing on a slide.
The slide will remind him of the time that he rode his bike on the playground equipment.
He’ll go get his bike and ride it on the playground equipment.
Riding his bike will make him hungry.
He’ll ask for a snack.
You’ll have to take him home for a snack.
Sitting at the kitchen table eating his snack will remind him of doing art projects there.
He’ll ask to do an art project.
You’ll get the paper and pastels and demonstrate the project.
He’ll decide to make his pastel drawing all in black.
His hands will be completely black.
And his face.
You”ll strip off his clothes (and his brother’s) and put him in the bathtub.
Being in the bathtub he’ll laugh at the footprints he’s making from all the dirt on his feet.
And chances are, if he has some dirt….
He’s going to want some water to go with it.

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