A nature walk. Sort of.

I’ve been meaning this year to be more intentional in nature walks with the boys. I’m going to try and follow the guidance of Barb and her Outdoor Hour Challenges, at least at first. She uses the Handbook of Nature Study as a way of structuring a little bit of nature study each week. Barb’s suggestion is to at first follow her original ten “challenges” and then to join in with the current challenges on the blog. The first challenge was to simply read the beginning of the Handbook and then to spend 15 minutes outside and then to later learn a little more about one thing we saw and thought was interesting.

Today we had to be at a local Nature Center for a class for John.  The boys asked afterwards to walk down the trail by the nature center which fit perfectly with my plans. The trail went over a very picturesque bridge over a rocky creek.

They asked to go in the creek. I hemmed and hawed and thought about how they’d be dirty and how I was already hot and tired and how H. was working late tonight and that I had planned on maybe us all going out for dinner. But then I remembered a similar day a few years ago.  I remembered to say yes.

I did warn them that if they got wet they would have to ride home in wet clothes as I didn’t have extras with me. I assumed they would fall in. And they did. They splashed and laughed and played. They did spot some cool water bugs that we’ll look up more about tomorrow so I guess I can officially file this under “school”. They might remember the cool bugs. They’ll definitely remember the “splash battle” where they threw rocks into the water and got points for getting the other person wet. They’ll probably remember riding home in their underwear because their clothes were wet.

Hopefully,  they’ll also remember that sometimes their Mom said yes.

One thought on “A nature walk. Sort of.

  1. Good for you! I wish that I could have been there. Knowing those two, they will definitely remember riding home in their underwear! They probably giggled about it all the way home.

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